Sandbox Secret Agent

Recommend Sandbox Photographers to your child's school and receive free digital files of your kiddos school portraits!

If your child’s school is looking for a photographer (or if you think they SHOULD be looking for a photographer), you could be a Sandbox Secret Agent! It’s easy, it’s completely free, and there’s something in it for YOU.

Contact Us about being a Sandbox Secret Agent and we will send you a digital brochure to send to your school. Give the information to the director or owner of your child's school. Explain to him or her why you (and other parents) would like boutique portraits taken. Remind him or her that not only is it free for their school.

After that, Sandbox Photographers will contact your school takes it from there!  When the school has booked Sandbox Photographers for a school portrait day, you will receive your child’s digital images from the school portrait day completely free!