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  • Professional Portraits

  • Genuine Smiles

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  • No Sitting Fee

  • Complimentary Staff Photos


school visit

If we are new to your school we will come visit your campus prior to your first picture day to find the best spots for photos and answer any questions. We don't want to waste precious time on picture day!

gather info

We collect a little info and create a working timeline for picture day based on your unique school needs. We provide picture day posters and email reminders to the parents.

picture day

Sandbox will arrive 90 minutes early for portrait day to set up and will photograph individuals, classes, siblings, and teacher photos.

home delivery

School administrators never have to collect money or handout prints! Orders are delivered directly to the family home.


what about covid?

Here are a few things we are doing at the moment to keep everyone safe while on campus:

  • ALL photography takes place outdoors from a distance of at least 6 ft at all times.

  • Photographers wear masks at all times.

  • For preschools, photographers do not fix hair/runny noses (usually we do help with this, but due to Covid it's best to leave that to the teachers when necessary).

  • We are now offering composite photos for schools when group photos are not a good option due to Covid restrictions.

  • We work closely with directors to make sure that we are following all current guidelines implemented by the school.



Why is Sandbox Photographers the best choice for your school?

At Sandbox our mission is to provide a joyful experience for the school and families. We are professional photographers first and foremost; we hold ourselves and our photography to a very high standard and you should too. We are a small mom-owned business, not a huge conglomerate, so we can guarantee that we care about your school, the kids and the results. We offer an eco-friendly paperless ordering system, taking the administrative nightmare off your desk and into our

Are there any sitting fees or pre-payment required?

Nope! We offer this service to the school free of charge.

How does picture day work?

We will work together to create a timeline that works best for your school while getting all the photos done efficiently and as early in the day as possible.

Do you take sibling photos?

Yes! We will photograph siblings both individually and together. Please have the parents contact us to set up a session for siblings not enrolled in the school.

Do you offer class photos?

Yes! Class photos are essential to Picture Day. We consider a perfect class photo to be one where each child’s true self shines through. We are now offering composite photos for schools when group photos are not a good option due to Covid restrictions.

Does the staff get pictures too?

Sure! Please send us a list of teachers and administrators that would like to have their individual photos taken when you provide the school roster. Teachers will get a complimentary digital file of their image and the option to purchase prints from their private online gallery.

How should parents prepare their kids for Picture Day?

Picture Day should be fun- no stress. Parents should make sure to arrive at school early or on time and picture-ready on their designated picture day. If parents would like to volunteer to help wipe noses and fix hair on picture day we would love that! Picture day parents will receive a special treat from us!

How do parents order their kids’ photos?

About two weeks after picture day parents will receive an email with a link to their password protected private online gallery where they can order packages, individual prints and cool products online.

Do parents get to see the photos before ordering?

Absolutely! The days of pre-ordering your photos sight unseen are behind us! The photos will be posted in a private online gallery and all ordering will be done after the session from this gallery.

What about usage rights? Can our school use these photos for our website and/or marketing materials?

Absolutely! As long as you have permission from the parents and provide proper photographer credit to any online or printed materials as outlined in our service agreement, we would be honored for you to use our images!

Our school is multicultural. What languages do your photographers speak?

We have photographers fluent in English, Spanish and Hebrew.

How far in advance do we need to schedule Picture Day?

We recommend scheduling picture day at least one month in advance, however if you need a last minute booking, please contact us! We would love to work with you.

Do you offer school make up picture days?

Yes! We offer a couple of make up dates each season. Make up days are available to any students who were absent on picture day or just want a do over. Make up days will be held in our Martinez studio as well as one outdoor location.


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